Outdoor Room Decorating With Outdoor Cushions

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Choosing furnishings for any room can be a major decision, however, the furnishings you select for an outdoor room, must be comfortable and stylish with the ability to stand up to the weather.

Outdoor cushions add sophistication and elegance to your outdoor room by creating a multi layered stylish and casual presence. Outdoor surfaces are typically hard and cold; therefore, incorporating outdoor cushions into the decor provides warmth, comfort and color.

Here are some tips to help you achieve a fabulous look:

  • For a cool casual look, arrange a pile of outdoor cushions in an array of colors and textures around a fire pit or outdoor hearth.
  • When choosing outdoor or replacement furniture cushions, mix and match color tones and textures. Do not hold back - the more cushions the merrier!
  • Add some excitement and beat the winter blues by adding some bold fruity colors. Burnt orange, sunny yellow, citrus green and bold cherry are all delicious shades.
  • Black and white cushions add a very dramatic scheme. Similarly, all white is very 'now' and creates a striking modern look.
  • When selecting your cushion colors, consider how they will look in natural sunlight as well as in the evening under lighting.
  • Invest in some graphic outdoor cushion covers that feature a seasonal theme. For instance, you could feature the popular designs of sunflowers, flowers, fruits or seashells.
  • Before deciding on your color scheme think about the mood the color conveys. Warm tones such as cappuccino, beige, oranges and pinks, energize the room. While cooler tones such as blue, green, corals and silvers, create a calming effect.

Choosing Fabrics

When you are shopping for outdoor cushions, keep in mind the type of fabric used. Your first preference should always be a high quality fabric that will protect the cushion and is weather resistant. It is useless investing your money on cushions made of inferior fabric. They will not last very long outside and will need replacing on a regular basis.

Remember that outdoor cushions take a considerable beating, particularly if you entertain guests or enjoy regular outdoor BBQ's. Therefore, in addition to being weather resistant, your patio cushions should also be stain resistant. This makes it easier to wipe off dirt, food and liquid stains - practically a must if you also have young children.

Look for a heavy-duty quality fabric such as Sunbrella 100% acrylic fabric. Having a durable fabric like Sunbrella will guarantee your patio cushions remain fade-proof, stain resistant and comfortable for years.

There is no easier way to make the most of your outdoor room than to invest in outdoor cushions. Affordable, flexible and visually appealing, the right cushions will add elegance and style to any outdoor furniture.

You can have a lot of fun choosing from the many types of patio cushions on offer today. Whether you need to put some life back into your old patio furniture, or want to re-create a brand new outdoor oasis, you can do so just by integrating a selection of stylish outdoor cushions. The cushions will add a luxurious touch to your outdoor room, and will easily make it the most favorite room in your house.

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Outdoor Room Decorating With Outdoor Cushions

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This article was published on 2010/04/16