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Tips That Will Make Your Custom Sign Stand Out

Even before you begin designing your custom business sign, you need to think about its placement. Why? Because a sign's environment is one of the most vital keys to its success.

Let it Show

Your custom sign is there to attract and bring in customers and clients. You want it to be the best business sign possible, so you've spent hours designing it – picking out colors, trying different graphics and playing with the wording. Great. But there's more to think about. If you own a beautiful bed and breakfast in the woods, you might decide to design a new custom outdoor sign with red and brown leaves all over. However, that sign would get completely lost among the real red and brown leaves of the surrounding forest.

External Factors

The placement of your outdoor sign and several external factors should affect the decisions you make regarding your sign design. If you will be mounting your outdoor sign on the building, think about the color of the exterior. Bright blue might look great on a dark red brick building, but black might get a little lost. If you're putting your outdoor signage on a tree filled lawn, it's smart to stay away from green. In this case, a bright red may look nice. If your sign in on a city block, stay away from grays and blacks. Something brighter will stand out much better.

Colors and Contrast

Because it is so important that the colors on your sign stand out and have contrast, you may need to alter the shades you use in your business' existing color scheme. The colors on your sign are the most important factor. It's vital that you have the best sign possible – studies show that one business sign can increase your sales by up to 30%!

Size and Shape

You should also consider your custom outdoor sign's surroundings when you decide on a size and shape for it. Are you planning to place your sign near a row of bushes? Make sure your sign is big enough that it doesn't blend in. It should be somewhat larger than the bushes its sharing space with. Is your company in a window-filled building? Planting a square sign right outside may take away some of it's oomph. Try a circular or even rectangular sign so it's seen among the square windows.

DecidingOn A Material For Your Sign

The material you use is also essential when thinking about your outdoor sign's surroundings. If your company is in a warehouse, think about how an aluminum sign may look in front of a building of a similar material. Wood may be the better choice.

Clearly, the answer is to create your customized sign so that it is dissimilar from its surroundings. Your custom sign needs to catch the eye of potential customers and be visible from as far a distance as possible. Think about the environment in which your sign will be placed. Try making a list of the most predominant colors outside your business. Measure bushes and other signs if you need to. And our graphic designers are here to help. They will take all of this into consideration when helping you design your perfect custom outdoor sign.

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Always Make Your Custom Outdoor Sign POP

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This article was published on 2011/01/12